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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another "War President" Show 

During April and May, a large print of my image "War President", the Bush mosaic, is going to be exhibited at a gallery in Houston as part of a show called Thought Crimes: The Art of Subversion. Here are details on the show and here's the gallery's top page.

I didn't do a new version or anything. The version of "War President" they're going to display is the same one that was at Ronald Feldman Gallery in Soho last November. I'm not going out to Houston (I live in Pittsburgh), so if anyone stops by I'd appreciate hearing about the show; I'd like to hear if they show this other work of mine called "Vanunu" that I sent along as well but I bet they don't, which, you know, I guess shouldn't be that surprising -- the kids are crazy for the "War President".

The mosaic's one year birthday is coming up on April 4th (gosh, they grow up so fast) so I considered doing a new version and maybe I still will. Given the number of dead, I believe just by using the pictures in the Washington Post database I could come up with enough to do a version with resolution comeasurate to the original without repeating photos, thus, taking care of once and for all the right's big criticism of the original, but, I don't know, it's a lot of work and I don't know if I feel like going there again.

Actually I've turned down a couple of these gallery shows in the last year but agreed to this one because I thought it was funny to have the thing displayed in Bush country...

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