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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Douglas Feith Takes Us to Mount Splashmore 

FOX's Cal Thomas interviewed "the dumbest fucking guy on the planet", to quote Tommy Franks, this weekend and Feith did the standard broken record act. No transcript is available but News Hounds provides some quotes and commentary.

I like this exchange in which Feith shockingly acknowledges that Iraq didn't possess stockpiles of WMD's, or rather that the stockpiles "have not been found":

Thomas: Billions and billions of dollars spent, over a thousand lives lost, many others wounded. Has it been worth it so far? Will it be worth it in the end in terms of money and blood?

Feith: After 9/11 it became clear that the principal danger that we faced in the war on terrorism was the possibility that one of the state sponsors of terrorism could provide weapons of mass destruction to a terrorist group and use it in the United States. If that happened, the casualties would not be 3,000 as we suffered on 9/11 but it could be ten or a hundred times that number and even though Saddam Hussein's stockpiles have not been found, he clearly had a history of hostility to us, of aggression, of support for terrorist organizations. He was a major danger and I think the American people, and the world in general are much better off, much safer now that he has been removed.

One small step for the reasonably undeluded; one giant leap for neoconservative kind.

One wonders, however, exactly why the assertion that Saddam Hussein had a history "of support for terrorist organizations" is "clearly" true, given that no evidence backs it up. The commission appointed by Feith's bosses concluded that no "evidence indicat[es] that Iraq cooperated with al Qaeda in developing or carrying out any attacks against the United States," for example. Further, one wonders for what reason Feith believes that Saddam Hussein "was a major danger" to the most powerful nation in the history of our planet.

Look, for the millionth time, Saddam Hussein destroyed what WMD's he had in the early nineties, which is why, you know, he didn't use them two years ago when he was being deposed. If neoconservatives have evidence to the contrary, they should provide it. Hussein was a vicious petty tyrant, but that doesn't make him a "major danger". He was hated by just about everyone but feared by almost no one besides Iraqis, not even his regional neighbors. He was feared here, of course, but that was after a major propaganda campaign.

Anyway, I feel like a broken record responding to this crap -- which is probably its purpose. People like Feith do their broken record imitations, people like me get tired out, and the fact that bankrupt dilapidated little Iraq was a major danger to the United States of America becomes part of history.

It's sort of like when Lisa and Bart got to go to Mount Splashmore by repeating "Take us to Mount Splashmore" over and over again... or maybe that's how the neoconservatives got their war...

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