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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Kids Are All Right 

Umm ... so Bill Kristol was giving a speech at some college in Richmond, Indiana, and some kid hit him in the face with a pie. Here's Indymedia's coverage, via a Kos diary.

I generally try to run a high-brow blog here. I'll stoop to the occasional send-a-feather-to-Jonah link or, you know, the occasional post about USA Today refusing to run Ann Coulter's piece on the Democratic National Convention because it was so fucking stupid and kind of incomprehensible, but generally I'm more about me-too-ing Robert Fisk than covering pies to the face. I'm making an exception in this case for two reasons:

(1) I think the kid deserves credit for his choice of target. Any college leftist can throw a pie at a Sean Hannity or a Michelle Malkin, but I'm imagining some dorm room discussion that ends something like this, "No, Bill Kristol ... not Billy Crystal. Look, where could I still get a pie?" And I think such initiative deserves encouragement.

(2) The footage is very compelling, eminently watchable, good cinematography, etc.

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