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Saturday, March 19, 2005

An Observation 

Zeynep flags a Porter Goss quote in which Goss asserts that "the intelligence community" never tortures people during interrogations: (from the AP)

CIA Director Porter Goss defended U.S. interrogation practices and rejected any notion that the intelligence community engages in torture. ... “I can assure you that I know of no instances where the intelligence community is outside the law on this,” Goss said. “And I know for a fact that torture is not productive. That’s not professional interrogation. We don’t do torture.”

What I like about the above is manner in which Goss attempts to convince us that he's being honest: he says that torture is "not productive". Pretty funny if you think about it ... It would be like if I was the head of some ultra-powerful organization, say American Leftist, that was accused of some vile morally outrageous crime say -- I don't know -- cooking and eating puppies, and I defended myself by saying, "We at American Leftist would never cook and eat puppies! They don't even taste that good."

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