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Monday, March 07, 2005

Zapatistas Plan Civil Disobedience to Prevent Coup d'Etat in Mexico 

Via Al Giodano at Narconews:

The Univision TV network reports tonight [in Spanish] that Subcomandante Marcos, spokesman for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN, in its Spanish initials) has issued a communiqué calling for nonviolent actions against the desafuero plot to remove Mexico City Governor Andrés Manuel López Obrador from the 2006 presidential race in Mexico.

According to the TV network, the spokesman for the Zapatistas wrote:

"The desafuero of the Mexico City governor would set the country back one hundred years: to 1910. It would mean, in fact, the anullment of the electoral path as a means of coming to power..."

And he added:

"We are discussing the ways (take note: nonviolent ways) in which we will demonstrate to oppose this coup d'etat..."

There's more, much more, to the communiqué. (Here's a link to the entire text in Spanish). It places all of Mexico - indeed, all of América - on tenterhooks. When the Zapatistas say they're discussing ways to act, it's regularly been an understatement. Deepening...

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