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Friday, August 17, 2007

Why I Rarely Read The Nation 

Katha Politt provides some condescending, matronly advice to Cindy Sheehan: Please Don't Run. (Hat tip to the Angry Arab) Cindy has her quirks, to be sure, but she is definitely providing a public service by exposing those faux leftists who are only willing to do something about Iraq if the Democrats agree to it.

Ironically, I am not that enthusiastic about Sheehan running against Pelosi, either, but it has nothing to do with preserving the Republican/Democrat duopoly. Rather, it is a reflection of my increasing pessimism about the ability to accomplish anything within the existing political system. But, if Sheehan is willing to put the time and effort in proving me, and many others wrong, then I hope she does so.

A generation of liberals and leftists have persuaded themselves that they should be terrified by any spontaneous social movement that refuses to be domesticated by the Democratic Party. As I have said here previously, I respect Sheehan for insisting upon her independence, and the independence of the antiwar movement. As shocking as it may be to Politt and others, there are lot of Americans who care about Iraq for reasons other than the fact that it can be expediently used to help the Democrats win elections.

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