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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Icon of Feminist Racism 

UPDATE: People fought back, so now Ferraro is a victim. She's served her purpose for the Clinton campaign, and now it can go through the charade of accepting her resignation.

INITIAL POST: And their candidate for President is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Too bad Lester Maddox and George Wallace are dead, either would make a good vice presidential nominee, after all, doesn't she need help down south? And where are Sarah Jones and Chuck D. when you need them to confront this sort of thing?

Meanwhile, the establishment of the Democratic Party continues to sit on the sidelines as the Clintons and their surrogates, like Ferraro, ignite a racial firestorm that will burn the party down to the ground. As a non-aligned leftist, I can only marvel at their cowardice, even as the obvious appeals to bigotry, now that we have moved beyond the more subtle dog whistles, anger me. Is this the sort of world that I should anticipate, one in which the violence of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan persists indefinitely, while the Clintons mainstream the vitriolic politics of racial and gender division into the Democratic Party, and thus, much more broadly throughout society?

In this brave new world of perpetual warfare abroad and racial conflict at home, one wonders whether crowd control will become a growth industry. One also wonders whether the new found associates of these feminists like Ferraro, Steinem, NOW and Emily's List, those Rust Belt blue collar workers that have responded to Hillary's fear tactics, will become steadfast allies in the fight for choice. It seems rather improbable. Meanwhile, African Americans are likely to be preoccupied with more immediate concerns, increasingly unable to discern friends from enemies.

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