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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rise and Fall of the State of Mahagonny 

Has the New York Times provided us with a deliciously postmodern Brecht and Weill in the wilds of Alaska? A reverse gendered Mahagonny, with Sarah Palin as Jimmy and her husband as Jenny?

It's easier getting gold out of men than out of rivers:

Indeed. But one doubts that Palin will receive the puritanical frontier justice meted out to Jimmy, or that the social order of provincial crony capitalism in Alaska will disintegrate any time soon. One is, however, rendered breathless by the nerve of the Times for posting such a critique of Alaskan socioeconomic culture, no matter how enjoyable, given that the Times, along with the Wall Street Journal, is one of the primary voices for the denizens of the capital of global crony capitalism, Manhattan.

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