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Friday, October 10, 2008

Open Thread and Parasitic Imperialism 

I will be away on vacation until Tuesday, so I have scheduled the posting of a couple of items from the archives that you may have missed, a film review on Saturday (Burn!) and a book review (The London Hanged) on Monday. In the meantime, feel free to comment about anything you consider worthwhile if you are so inclined.

Meanwhile, you might also consider this article by Ishmael Hossein-zadeh, Parasitic Imperialism, an article from last year that, when read retrospectively, reveals the relationship between the current financial crisis and US militarism:

Since imperial policies abroad are widely discussed by others, I will focus here on parasitic military imperialism at home, that is, on what might be called domestic or internal imperialism. Specifically, I will argue that parasitic imperialism (1) redistributes national income or resources in favor of the wealthy; (2) undermines the formation of public capital (both physical and human); (3) weakens national defenses against natural disasters; (4) accumulates national debt and threatens economic/financial stability; (5) spoils external or foreign markets for non-military U.S. transnational capital; (6) undermines civil liberties and democratic values; and (7) fosters a dependence on or addiction to military spending and, therefore, leads to an spiraling vicious circle of war and militarism.

A sober, thorough going analysis worth reading in its entirety. As I watch the collapse of global equity markets unfold, I can't help recalling that the event that pulled them out of their doldrums after 9/11 was . . . the invasion of Iraq.

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