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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Did the Officer Mistakenly Believe that He Was Firing a Taser When He Killed Oscar Grant? 

For the first two installments regarding the killing of Oscar Grant at an East Bay train station in the early morning hours of New Year's Day by a BART police officer, go here and here. The new propaganda line out of the BART offices in Oakland, as expressed in this KTVU report, is that the officer may have mistakenly believed that he was firing his taser instead of his gun.

It sounds superficially plausible until you realize that there's no evidence that this cop carried a taser. As previously reported by KTVU, not all BART cops are armed with them. But, don't worry, BART will get back to us on that, because it is still investigating whether the officer had one at the time of the shooting. What?? You say that, after 5 days, BART should already know whether officer had one? If so, you are missing the entire point of the exercise.

Of course, BART already knows whether the officer had a taser or not. After all, how long can it take to find out? 2 hours? Indeed, I'll stick my neck out and make a prediction: we will eventually discover that he didn't have one, but only after BART has sufficiently publicized the possibility that he might have in order to muddy the waters for its benefit when there is no criminal prosecution and jurors are someday selected to hear the $25 million lawsuit filed by John Burris on behalf of the Grant's family. Every day that BART is able to promote this fiction through a gullible media means more and more people who will believe that it is actually true, regardless of what facts emerge down the road.

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