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Monday, January 30, 2012

Franz Walsch Takes the Fall at firedoglake (Part 2) 

At breakfast over the weekend, I told my wife that I had visited a website where someone had called me a Department of Homeland Security agent. I haven't heard that sort of spontaneous, surprised laughter in awhile. I didn't have to elaborate any further about the site, firedoglake, or the person who did it, Jane Hamsher. Interestingly, I have participated in the rough and tumble comment pages of Marxist websites over the years and never encountered anything as persistently snarky and offensive as the accusations Hamsher directed towards me. Indeed, I have to say that, with a few exceptions, I've been treated pretty well. Could it be that some liberals, like Hamsher, have embraced the entertainment value of snark to attract visitors to their websites so much so that they can no longer distinguish understated, respectful commentary from the efforts of trolls?

In any event, I must not be too much of a threat, because I failed to receive any response to my request for assistance in closing my firedoglake account. I thereafter tried to scrub the entirety of Franz's works from the site in an obsessive attempt to disassociate myself from it, but failed, although I have been able to remove Franz's display name and replace it with -0-, which clears his record, at least. Unfortunately, I received a firedoglake solicitation e-mail, in the name of Hamsher herself, about 10 minutes after unsubscribing from an earlier one from Brian Sonenstein, the firedoglake Director on Online Activism. Upon seeing it in my inbox, I had the brief, eerie sensation of being stalked over the Internet, and I can only hope that I got it because of a delay in processing my request.

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