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Monday, December 15, 2003

Chalabi-mania Running Wild?

Anybody else notice there's been a lot of Darth Chalabi in the news lately? For instance in these stories . Most of these stories mention that Chalabi, who has lived in Iraq for something like what a few months out of the last fifty years, wants the trials to be in Iraq.
"We passed a law for the specialized court for crimes against humanity and the principle defendant in this court will be Saddam Hussein."--Ahmed Chalabi

Gee, do you think anyone is putting him up to this? Why has the US all of a sudden become so concerned with the domestic laws and rights of sovereign nations? Isn't, for instance, the purpose of the whole framework of corporate globalization to get around the laws of sovereign nations? Now, all of a sudden Hussein has to be tried in Iraq because the barely existent unelected Iraqi National Congress coincidentally passed a law a few weeks ago.

I guess it couldn't be that they don't want him to go before the Hague because they don't control the Hague, huh?

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