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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Neil vs. Roger

I've seen all kinds of information about the amount of news coverage Bill Clinton's military records got while he was running for president and how they compare to that of the Bush Jr. run. As you know, there is no comparison--Bush's record is so much more sketchy--but I guess going AWOL because your coke habit will show up during drug testing isn't as horrific as being in college overseas during an immoral war. Now don't even mention how Laura actually killed a guy when she was 17, in 1963; she ran a stop sign and hit a car driven by her boyfriend, Michael Douglas, who was thrown from his car and died. Anyway, I'm sure you've seen these stories and thought about how Hillary would have been executed if the same secrets were in her past.

Now for my point. I think there could be a great comparison made between Neil Bush and Roger Clinton. The international media is reporting on Neil's divorce everywhere but in the US, as I guess a lot of juicy details are coming out in court, including his romps with Thai prostitutes, giveaway software contracts with the Texas public schools and a more than questionable relationship with the Chinese courtesy of his $2 million contract with Shanghai-based Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing (and don’t even ask about Marvin P. Bush’s dealings with Hong Kong’s Cheung Kong Holdings). Nothing! At least nothing I've read in the mainstream press.

But Roger! We heard everything about this guy, who I think might actually be borderline retarded. When Bill pardoned him on the possession charge, you would have thought that he pardoned Hitler! Who wouldn't pardon their brother--I mean, if you can't get a pardon when your brother is the f'in president! But anyway, there's a nice comparison to draw between the two. Here's a good Online Journal article that has some nice links on it.

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