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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The UN general assembly has asked the world court to examine the legality of the separating wall Israel is building. The resolution has resulted in a couple of stories about the wall breaking through into the mainstream US media, such as this one in Newsday or this one in the LA times. While it's nice Israel's big project is being mentioned, it still hasn't gotten the level of exposure in the US that the story receives in the international press. One thing in particular that you won't see in US coverage is a map:

The interesting thing about the above is, of course, the extent to which the proposed barrier does not follow the pre-1967 Israel-Palestine border. I got the above graphic from Gush Shalom's website (by way of monkey fist). Gush Shalom bills itself as "the hard core of the israeli peace movement." Their position is that the argument that the wall is being built strictly for reasons of security is untenable prima facie -- the wall encroaches so far into Palestinian terrority, is so far removed from the pre-67 border, that it is much longer and, therefore, much more difficult to patrol and/or keep secure than if it simply followed the green line.

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