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Thursday, January 08, 2004

John Dean Says Shit's Going Down

Former Nixon counsel John Dean has weighed in on the meaning of Ashcroft's recusal:

What explains the timing of Ashcroft's removal? Recall that the removal occurred as a result of events occurring in the same week the Post reported that the FBI had told potential witnesses they might have to face a grand jury.

Some of those witnesses very probably hired lawyers as soon as they heard the news. Especially likely to hire a lawyer would be a middle-level person with knowledge of a leak by a higher-up. And such a lawyer would likely have gone immediately to the prosecutors to make a deal.

Who might the lawyer be? It's pure speculation, but former D.C. United States Attorney Joe diGenova, or his wife and law partner, Victoria Toensing, are likely candidates.

... [snip] ...

When the lawyer -- diGenova, Toensing, or someone else -- went to the government seeking immunity for his or her client, Ashcroft would have heard that the middle-level person was offering to finger the high-level leaker. At that point, he would have realized he himself knew the high-level leaker; and decided to recuse himself from the case, and let Fitzgerald take over.

Toensing is the Republican drone who's been making the rounds propagating the stupidity defense meme. The fact that she is shopping around what amounts to a legal defense, of course, jives with the idea that she is someone's lawyer in this case.

If Dean's correct I wonder who the mid-level person is? (Good old wild speculation -- it's what makes the internet buzz with life).

Dean wraps it up with

If this case does not make headlines in 90 to 120 days, it will be quite surprising. There has been too much high level action and Comey, a presidential appointee, knows that politically it would be better for Bush & Company to have the matter flushed out within the next few months, than to have it arise just before the November election. Needless to say, this could be an interesting year for the White House, with more than reelection to worry about.

2004 is looking up.

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