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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Agressive Generalization

So given the sort of statements in this article, "Bush Accused of Undermining Investigation ", Guardian 2/3/04 -- for instance, "We also want to look at our war against proliferation and weapons of mass destruction, kind of in a broader context" -- it's pretty clear what the new strategy is for dealing with the nonexistence of Iraqi WMD's. The Bush cartel is going to make the scope of the investigation so broad that it will include actual instances of intelligence errors, like the CIA being surprised by the India / Pakistan nuke tests, to drown out the investigation's intended purpose -- to understand how it could be that the Bush people made so many claims that were false regarding Iraq's immediate danger to the US.

If you recall this strategy is very similar to what was tried in the early days of the Plame affair. When the Bush people finally broke down and started talking about the outing of Plame, their talking points were all about leaks generally rather than about the specific leak. I think Bush, at one point, specificly denounced leaks without mentioning Plame's name.

The democrats really need to fight for an investigation that focuses on intelligence about Iraq

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