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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

American Leftist Reports FOX News Has Fascist Slant

Fox News kicked off Black History Month in typical fashion by running an article discussing the leftist slant of African American Studies. As many media outlets use this shortest month of the year to take notice of the great injustices as well as triumphs experienced by the black citizens of this country, Peter Brownfeld at FOX News uses it as an opportunity to tell the blacks to get over it, quoting references made to a “victimization” complex suffered by black people who know and dare speak of the history of this country.

"Black history month, when it originally came to fruition, was an attempt to instill some pride because there was a belief that American history in general and world history did not appropriately recognize the contributions of blacks," said Niger Innis, national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (search), one of America's oldest civil rights groups. "But it devolved into an ideological left-wing rant."

And why wouldn't it be a left wing rant? Isn’t advancement in African American rights an ideological left-wing rant? In America, if you are even in your early forties, then you were alive during a time of segregated schools in a country where black people still couldn’t vote. But I guess that's just another ideological left wing rant.

Fox News reports African-American Studies Have Leftist Slant

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