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Friday, February 13, 2004

Hey, Collin, Is This Bullshit?

Collin Powell flipped out on a Congressman's staffer who dared to shake his head while Powell was asserting the party line at the House International Relations Committee hearing:

Powell noticed the staffer shaking his head as he repeated the Bush Administration's defence of Iraq war -- that even if Saddam Hussein did not have massive quantities of WMDS, he had the capacity to produce them and was an evil man.

"Are you shaking your head for something, young man, back there? Are you part of these proceedings?" he burst out.

Powell's scolding threatened to derail the hearing. Congressman Sherrod Brown, a 12-year veteran of the House, objected: "Mr Chairman, I've never heard a witness reprimand a staff person in the middle of a question."

Powell shot back: "I seldom come to a meeting where I am talking to a Congressman and I have people aligned behind you giving editorial comment by headshakes."

"Well, I think people have opinions," Brown retorted.

[ ... ]

Chairman Henry Hyde (Republican) urged all members to calm down despite the 'very emotional subject'.

Reminds me of Powell's "This is bullshit." temper tantrum before his UN performance. Funny stuff... it really looks like the House of Bush is starting to crumble a bit.

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