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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I Know Something That Peter Jennings Doesn’t Know?

In fact, I knew 2 years before Dubbya even ran for president that his military service record was questionable to say the least and I’m just some low life liberal who knows how to use Google, not the chief anchor of a major flamingly liberally biased network. See "Bush AWOL, ABC Absent, But Moore Correct" by Frederick Sweet, Intervention Magazine.

So how could Peter, who by the way seems to be notorious for his liberal slant in comparison to his rival anchors, have missed this?

A recent article on The American Prospect breaks it down for us into simple numbers:

In 1992, there were no fewer than 526 stories about Clinton and the draft in major American newspapers. In all the news outlets covered by Lexis-Nexis, there were 950 stories about the subject. But when the 2000 election rolled around, reporters were decidedly less curious about the topic. There were 77 stories in 1999 and 38 stories in 2000 in major papers about Bush and the National Guard. In all news outlets, there were 258 stories in 1999 and only 98 in 2000. In other words, during their respective election years, there were nearly 10 press stories about Clinton's efforts to avoid serving in Vietnam for every one story about Bush's efforts to avoid serving in Vietnam. In major papers, there were almost 14 Clinton stories for every Bush story. The only major newspapers that investigated the issue with any vigor were The Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times.*

So this is barely news as an "on the record" deserter sends kids off to die. But still, we are hit over the head with Howard Dean’s "meltdown" only to learn, from Diane Sawyer of all people, that this was even more spun than originally thought.*

God help us, or at least, stop helping the Bushes.
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