'Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization.' -- Eugene V. Debs

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Kucinich on Letterman

Dennis read the top ten list on Letterman two nights ago:

"Top Ten Ways Dennis Kucinich can still be president of the United States."

10. Keep doing what I'm doing — I'm winning, right?

9. Constitution is amended stating presidents must be 35 or older, a natural-born citizen and named "Dennis."

8. Act like a boob so people will perceive me as more presidential.

7. You want crazy campaign promises — fine! If I'm elected, everybody gets a million bucks.

6. Enter and win next "American Idol."

5. Announce your running mate will be a plate of fudge — people love fudge.

4. Just wait till I unleash my new campaign slogan: "Kucizzle in the hizzle!"

3. According to the order of presidential succession, if George W. Bush were to resign today, along with Dick Cheney and about 300 other people, the presidency passes to a congressman from Ohio.

2. Get the governors of every state to rig the election.

1. I'm praying for a sex scandal.

All of which, I suppose, are more likely than a majority of Americans finally getting behind the candidate who best serves their interests rather than the interests of the very rich.

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