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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Z Enters the Blogosphere

Well ... I've got two new interesting additions to the blogroll:

Goodbye Maggie
Turning the Tide

Both are affiliated with the radical left site Znet. Goodbye Maggie is going to be a multi-author blog focusing on alternatives to capitalism, in particular Michael Albert's participatory economics, a socialist economic model that seeks to allocate resources within a society according to the democratic principles America is supposed to value and to eliminate all instances of illegitimate hierarchical authority from the society. It looks like Michael Albert is going to be posting personally, which will be a great addition to the blogosphere. Michael is a longtime activist of the Vietnam protest generation, which is probably apparent from the blog's title, a reference to Dylan's "Maggie's Farm". He was one of the founders of Z Magazine and South End Press, still run according to participatory economic principles to this day, and is currently the primary moderator/sysop of Znet.

Turning the Tide is Noam Chomsky's blog. Before you get too excited, understand that Chomsky is pretty much a technophobe, so I don't think Noam is going to be posting personally. Rather, some Z-affiliated person, possibly whoever is currently posting Chomsky's replies to the Z sustainer forum ChomskyChat, is going to cull Chomsky's writings and post relevant pieces to the blog. If nothing else it should be a good source of ChomskyChat posts for people who aren't Z sustainers.

Looks like there's going to be a few other Z blogs that aren't up yet:

Another World
Hotel Satire
Thought Dreams

Hotel Satire is a column by Lydia Sargent in Z Magazine, so it's pretty clear what that's going to be. Another World is a reference to the slogan of the World Social Forum, "Another world is possible" so maybe it will have something to do with globalization. And the phrase "Thought Dreams" is another Dylan reference.

[Thank to The Bone for the tip]

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