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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

And While You're At It, Could You Send Some Pro-Chomsky Letters to the Weekly Standard? 

From the liberal media file ... by way of Editor & Publisher:

In a notice to its readers, The Post-Crescent of Appleton, Wis. (weekday circulation 54,193), observed that with the presidential race heating up, the editors have found themselves in a "quandary." They feel their Views page takes "the political and social temperature of the Valley." But now the question is: "How can we balance the perspectives and topics of our letters when many of our submissions have been coming only from one side?"

"We've been getting more letters critical of President Bush than those that support him. We're not sure why, nor do we want to guess. But in today's increasingly polarized political environment, we would prefer our offering to put forward a better sense of balance ...

"Since we depend upon you, our readers, to supply our letters, that goal can be difficult. We can't run letters that we don't have.

"If you would like to help us 'balance' things out, send us a letter, make a call or punch out an e-mail ... We'd love to hear from you."

I love it that they're "not sure why". What could it be? -- maybe a high school prank gone horribly wrong? Some contaminant in the drinking water? Something...

(Link ripped off of Demagogue)

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