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Monday, May 10, 2004

A Blast From the Past 

From "Bush warns Iraq about war crimes", Reuters, 3/23/03:

President George W. Bush has warned Iraqis they will be punished as "war criminals" if they mistreat U.S. prisoners, and says the United States is just beginning a tough fight for Iraq.

[ ... ]

Also, Iraqi television, relayed by the Arabic network Al-Jazeera, showed pictures of at least four bodies, said to be U.S. soldiers, and five prisoners they said were Americans taken in a battle near the southern city of Nassiriya.

"The POWs I expect to be treated humanely, just like we're treating the prisoners that we have captured humanely. If not, the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals," Bush said.

So, I guess, those Hague trials for those mistreating prisoners should get started any day now, right? ...

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