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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Exciting Career Opportunities in Iraq 

So at this point it's common knowledge that private contractors, such as CACI International and Titan, have been providing interrogators at the Abu Ghraib prison among other places. I think the Bush administration is missing out on a nice talking point here ... look at all the jobs they're creating. If you're among the 2.2 million who have lost your job since Bush took office, why just read about the lucrative field of of freelance interrogating when you can join it yourself? So here, you go, straight from Monster.com:

Interrogator - Debriefer

Job Description:

* Conduct screening and interrogations
* Abide by the Geneva Convention and other laws and Customer directives
* Produce IIRs (Intelligence Information Reports) and KBs (Knowledgeability Reports) and populate Intelligence databases
* Work with cleared and un-cleared Arabic linguists and interpreters

Minimum Requirements:

* Secret Clearance
* Experience as an interrogator and/or debriefer
* US Army 97E or 97B (US Marine Corp 0211 or 0251) certification or equivalent

Highly Desired Qualifications and Experience:

* Bachelor’s Degree
* Previous deployment experience supporting contingency operations
* Knowledge of U.S. Intelligence Community
* Arab language capability, Poshtu highly desired.
* Prior military experience
* Top Secret Clearance
* Experience as a debriefer
* Successfully completed Strategic Debriefers Course (SDC)

$80-90K plus BONUS, OVERTIME and benefits, including one paid trip home every 5-6 months.

Job Location: Baghdad,Iraq. Afghanistan.

You have to abide the Geneva Convention and customer directives -- which might be a problem -- but what the hell it pays $80-90K.

Feel as though you're a little over-qualified for the above position, try this one. You can help "[develop] intelligence exploitation guidance and interrogation strategies with the Joint Interrogation Debriefing Center (JIDC) interrogators."

Also if the mercenary racket is more your cup of tea, don't worry -- Monster has many exciting openings for .. um .. security personnel. For instance, this one.

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