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Friday, May 14, 2004

Secret Visits That Have Nothing to do with Politics ... Nothing! 

On Crossfire yesterday Carville kept calling Rumsfeld a hollow beaten old man -- a shell of his former self begging to keep his job -- which was good for a laugh, but, you know who I think has also been acting like a shell of his former self these days? -- Karl Rove.

What's up with Fat Karl lately? Has he completely run out of ideas? Take Rumsfeld's secret mission to Iraq ... um ... didn't Karl already use that one? Nice of Karl to throw such soft balls ... the press just used their standard secret visit boilerplate -- lots of breathless behind-the-scenes accounts of how the trip was planned and carried out and exposition about just how secret it all was. Yes, my friends, it was very very secret.

As soon as the Plame scandal heats up I wonder if we're going to have to hear about Scooter Libby's visit with the troops. Maybe Scooter can dress up like Uncle Sam and give the troops firecrackers or something -- but he'll have to leave his cell phone batteries with the CIA because, lord knows, those cell phones can be tracked! Or maybe Fat Karl will go on a secret mission somewhere; I'm sure the troops would love that; he could hand out ham sandwiches. The troops, I'm told, love nothing more than visits from scandal-wracked members of the Bush administration.

At least this time there was no plastic turkey.

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