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Friday, May 28, 2004

Those Pesky Noncombatants 

UTS points out the following interesting exchange at Wednesday's CPA press briefing:

Q: ... Can you talk a little bit about efforts to reimburse the families of Iraqis who -- innocent Iraqis who are killed in coalition operations? ...

GEN. KIMMITT: On the first question, about compensation for noncombatants, there is a process by which noncombatants can put forward compensation claims to the coalition. That happens regularly and routinely. I think the last time I reported on it, by that point, there had been over 11,000 claims on the part of noncombatants, and somewhere on the order of $2.5 million had been paid out.

So there is a process. There are many different ways. Whether it's done formally through the compensation or commanders invoking their own authorities, compensation is a regular and routine part of what the coalition does on a daily basis on those rare instances where there is effect upon noncombatants or their property.

On those rare instances that occur on a daily basis Iraqis can expect to receive on the order of a few hundred dollars as compensation for a dead loved one, wonderful.

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