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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Felony Charges in an Abu Ghraib-related Crime ... 

From a report posted on The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center site:

Joe Previtera, a twenty one year old student at Boston College, was arrested Wednesday and charged with felonies after dressing as a hooded Iraqi prisoner in front of a military recruitment center on Tremont St. in downtown Boston. In his arraignment today a Suffolk County District Attorney suggested that Mr. Previtera's bail be set at $10,000. However, a National Lawyers Guild attorney and Mr. Previtera's mother, also an attorney, persuaded the judge to free Previtera on personal recognizance.

Previtera faces misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace and felony charges of making a false bomb threat and using a hoax device. The charges apparently reflect the District Attorney's concern that Mr. Previtera might have been mistaken for a terrorist. Witnesses say that passersby seemed unconcerned by Mr. Previtera's actions.

Click the above link to see a picture of Joe in action. ... looks like he may catch a break: (from The Boston Herald)

Prosecutors are considering ``amending'' bomb-threat charges against a Boston College student who mimicked an infamous photo from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq to protest inmate abuse by American armed forces.

``The young man's appearance was putting some passers-by in fear,'' David Procopio, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, said yesterday, ``but we're not aware that he indicated he had a bomb.''

They're "not aware that he indicated he had a bomb" but charged him with making bomb threats anyway because, you know, what the hell?

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