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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Spy vs Spy Chalabi-Style 

Well, we finally got some specifics regarding the Chalabi-was-a-double-agent story and the resulting investigation from the New York Times.

Chalabi spilled to the Iranian intelligence community that the US had broken the encryption scheme that Iran used to transmit sensitive information. The US intercepted a cable in which an Iranian official in Baghdad reported on Chalabi's tale, and the cable was, you guessed it, encrypted with the broken code. Apparently the Iranian operative didn't trust the veracity of Chalabi-derived intelligence any more than anyone else. God, you can't make this stuff up ...

So apparently the espionage investigation is the real deal, according to the NYT

The inquiry, still in an early phase, is focused on a very small number of people who were close to Mr. Chalabi and also had access to the highly restricted information about the Iran code.

Anybody care to bet against Richard Perle being among the "very small number of people"?

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