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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

DVIDS Goes Online (We Are Allies With Oceania Now ... We've Always Been At War With Eurasia) 

A few months ago some blogs, like this one (scroll down to 3/9 -- the post is from before I got my permalinks working), wrote of a new state-run news service being planned by the Pentagon that would cover Afghanistan and Iraq and, according to the AP, was "intended to allow small media outlets in the United States and elsewhere to bypass what the Pentagon views as an increasingly combative press corps".

Well, that brave new world has arrived. A one-stop-shopping place catering to the propaganda needs of small town nightly news shows across the country is currently up and running. It's called the Digital Video Imagery Distribution System, and here's its official website. As one might guess it tends to distribute stories like this more often than stories like this. Go figure.

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