'Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization.' -- Eugene V. Debs

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Perp Walk 

I've been kind of blue lately so I did another piece of political artwork. It's no 'War President' but I hope some of you find it amusing. The text is from Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, U. S. Prosecutor at Nuremberg:

To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole. ... If certain acts in violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them, and we are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us.

The image is my vision of what it would look like if the gang that couldn't shoot straight got arrested by the feds. I call the image "Perp Walk" and it's dedicated to N. who thought it was a funny idea. Here's the full-sized version. And here's a thumbnail:

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