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Thursday, August 12, 2004


Here's a couple of quick links. As'ad of Angry Arab puts the battle of Najaf in context (via UnFairWitness).

And al-Jazeera reports that the mayhem in Najaf may lead to the secession of the governorates of Basra, Misan and Dhi Qar in southern Iraq. Ali Hamud al-Musawi, head of the Misan governorate council, had the following to say about secession:

The feelings of Iraqi southerners in particular and Iraqis in general had been contempt. [...] This reaction comes in response to the crimes committed against Iraqis by an illegal and unelected government, and occupation forces who claimed they came to liberate Iraq, but it turned out that they have come to kill Iraqis
[ ... ] We are discussing the decision [to secede] and we will stop Misan's oil flow, until Baghdad's government restores its logic and realises that millions of Iraqis care for the people of Najaf and Karbala [ ... ] Iyad Allawi should not expect us to support him. We expected this government to give us justice, democracy and freedom. [ ... ] We support the unity of Iraq when there is an Iraqi government that acknowledges all people's rights. [ ... ] The government should not make irresponsible decisions and attack our religion.

The way he casually refers to Allawi's administration as "Baghdad's government" is pretty funny and revealing.

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