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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Raed's Back in the Middle 

The inimitable Raed Jarrar is back after a several week hiatus. Raed is the Palestinian-Iraqi architect who was the lefter half of the famous Baghdad blogger team, an amusing and intelligent voice. Here's an old GNN piece about Raed and here's a snippet from his latest post:

AsSadr and his supporters are Iraqis. They are the poor repressed Iraqis that were devastated for decades, the same people to whom the bush administration propaganda made promises of a better life after occupation. Aren't these the people the majority that the bush-style-democracy was supposed to protect? Doesn’t this show how paradoxical is it to judge the Iraqi culture by U.S. standards and values? doesn't it prove why imported “democracy” would never work?

[ ... ]

Why is it allowed for bush and his administration to kill hundreds of Iraqis without a bastard opening his mouth? Why do we hear lots of dogs barking and remembering the human rights in the pre-war Iraq, or Yugoslavia or wherever, but the current lives lost are ignored?

I mean, it is bad that people are killing each other in Darfur, or that the Saddam government gassed Kurds in the north, but where is the difference between that and what is happening in Najaf? Where is the difference between what bush and Allawi are doing to Iraqis and what the worst totalitarian dictatorships did anywhere anytime?

Central authorities crushing smaller groups, people with bigger and stronger tanks killing others…

Freedom? Haha
International law? Hahahaha
Iraqi soccer team winning in the Olympics? Oh! This is worth it.

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