'Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization.' -- Eugene V. Debs

Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Little Irony 

Here's a bit of a news I found simultaneously quite sad and darkly funny:

Dozens of international aid agencies considered quitting Iraq on Wednesday following the abduction of two Italian women, and as the U.S. military death toll rose above 1,000.

A coordinator for foreign aid groups said that he expected most of the remaining 50 or so organizations to pull out following the kidnapping of the Italians, in Iraq to help child victims of war, from their Baghdad office on Tuesday.

Aid groups met to discuss the issue on Wednesday but broke off the meeting early for security reasons. Jean-Dominique Bunel, a French aid worker, said all organizations were reviewing their security and considering withdrawing.

Yes, you read that right. Every remaining NGO in Iraq is about to pull out because of security concerns. The NGOs got together to discuss this fact but they had to cut the meeting short because of security concerns. You have to work hard to produce such a perfect cluster-fuck as the United States' occupation of Iraq. The neoconservatives should be very proud.

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