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Monday, September 27, 2004

Perfectly Peaceful 

At his recent "media availability" after the meeting with Allawi, Rumsfeld assured us it's not necessary for Iraq to be peaceful or perfect much less peaceful and perfect ...

Although early on he said he recognizes "that a free and peaceful Iraq is a powerful blow to the extremists", he went on to say

If any implication that that place has to be peaceful and perfect before we can reduce coalition and U.S. forces I think would obviously be unwise, because it's never been peaceful and perfect and it isn't likely to be. It's a tough part of the world.

supporting Robert "Smiley" Novak's recent claim that BushCo is planning on cutting and running after the election. To me this sort of talk doesn't jive with the good old rock solid resolve and steadfast leadership in this time of uncertainty that I've grown to expect from the Bush administration but Rummy explained why it's okay. See, America is neither peaceful nor perfect so Iraq's non-peaceful and non-perfect-ness just makes it more like America, oh yeah, and also it's the media's fault:

We had something like 200 or 300 or 400 people killed in many of the major cities of America last year. Is it perfectly peaceful? No. What's the difference? We just didn't see each homicide in every major city in the United States on television every night. It happens here in this city, in every major city in the world. Across Europe, across the Middle East, people are being killed. People do bad things to each other. The idea that we'd have to stay there till that place was peaceful -- as I think you said, or something like that -- and everyone goes happily on their way, or whatever you said. We'll check the transcript.

If such statements are at odds with what the Boy King has been running around saying lately, like for instance in the Rose Garden appearance that preceded Rumsfeld's availability, ... well ... we'll just have to check the transcript.

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