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Friday, October 15, 2004

Aleida Guevara 

Che's eldest daughter has been all over the place lately. First, there was this op-ed in the Guardian which concludes

Neo-liberal policies are destroying my continent. We are now importers of grains, when we used to be major producers. But it happens that the grain we produce does not belong to us any longer.

We cannot go on like this. It is important that honest men and women in Europe awaken to the reality of the historical debt they have to our peoples.

It is only because of the wealth looted from our lands and our people that their present high standards of living are possible.

When will this be stopped? An urgent answer is needed. Time passes quickly and it may happen that, by the time we realise what we have lost, we will not even have a place to live.

We all need to live in a better world. Solidarity and unity are indispensable in these times. Let us do our best. It is likely that only humans can dream. I do not know. But what I know is that only we have the capacity to make our dreams come true.

A better world is possible. The challenge lies in being able to act, rather than just talk.

Then there was this one which is specifically about her thoughts on her father. She writes

I often describe myself as a genetic accident; I had the honour and privilege of being the daughter of a man and a woman who are very special people. And I am also a product of the Cuban revolution. I am a paediatrician, specialising in allergies, in Havana. When I was young, my father’s image did influence me, but I later chose medicine as a way to be closer to my people. I’ve also worked as a doctor in Nicaragua, Angola and Ecuador. We are happy as a family when my father’s image inspires people to learn more about him and his thinking, but often the commercialisation seems to us like a lack of respect for who he was and what he stood for.

And today she's a keynote speaker at the ESF, I believe. Also the bylines of the above opinion pieces mention that Guevara has a book coming out, "Chavez: Venezuela and the New Latin America", but the Amazon entry lists Hugo Chavez himself as the author. Based on Amazon's description, I believe the book is one long interview with Chavez, and presumably Guevara is the interviewer.

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