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Friday, October 15, 2004

Limbaugh Attacks an Old Lady 

Here's the transcript of a conversation Limbaugh had with a "persuadable voter", Dorothy Van Asdale, 83, from Yuma, Arizona, who the AP quoted in a recent article. The point that Limbaugh wants to make is that the so-called liberal media is labeling citizens as "undecided" in a manner that is biased towards its liberal agenda. The transcript speaks for itself: Mrs. Van Asdale states clearly that she was undecided, she saw the debates, and now she's going to vote for Kerry. The AP's coverage was factually correct. Limbaugh deals with this by attacking an 83 year-old woman, stating that he doesn't want her to think he talked about her behind her back and then proceeding to call her "uninformed" and "confounded" after she is off the line.

My favorite part of the interview is Limbaugh's comment, "The Hispanic vote is, you know, unfortunately a relevant factor." What is unfortunate? -- that Mexican Americans exist or that they're allowed to vote?

Oh, yeah, and if you want to talk about applying the "undecided" label according to a political agenda, I would suggest that this case is a more relevant example.

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