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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Lord of the Flies 

Here's a graphic first-person account of the Fallujah assault written by a Russian doctor. I can't vouch for the site that this comes from but the author's description of the dangerously unsanitary conditions in Fallujah and looming humanitarian crisis is corroborated by statements made by several international aid groups and his allegations of the execution-style murder of Fallujan POW's (which I haven't excerpted) obviously resonates with Kevin Sites' footage:

Together with Americans the flies invaded the city. They are millions. The whole city seems to be under their power. The flies cover the corpses. The older is corpse, the more flies are upon it. First they cover a corpse as by some strange rash. Then they begin to swarm upon it, and then a gray moving shroud covers the corpse. Flies swarm upon some ruins as gray monstrous shadows. The stench is awful.

The flies are everywhere. In the hospital wards, operating rooms, canteen. You find them even where they cannot be. In the "humanitarian" plastic bottle with warm plastic-stinking water. The bottle is almost full, simply someone opened it for a second and made a gulp, but this black spot is already floating there...

It is a general crisis with water. There are simply no clean sources. The local residents fetch water from the river, muddy, gray and dead. You can buy anything for water now. The sewage system is broken, the water supply is broken, and electricity is absent in the city.

I am afraid to imagine what will happen in two weeks. Hepatitis will take toll of thousands. They say already that people at the outskirts are in fever with the symptoms of typhus. But one cannot verify it. They prohibited moving in the city.

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