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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Alice Lynd 

I was looking for updates on the story about the soldiers suing the government over the stop-loss program and noticed that Alice Lynd, the wife of Staughton who is representing the soldiers, is facing jail time for a completely unrelated matter. She refused to testify against a prisoner in a case resulting from a murder that occurred during a prison riot in 1993. Here's the story from The Portsmouth Daily Times, via InterActivist Info Exchange and here's a note from Staughton on the state of Alice's case posted yesterday on The Free Press:

This is a Christmas and New Year's Eve communication to friends who have helped us to confront Alice's difficult challenge over the past nine (almost ten) months.

First, we wish to express thanks to each and all of you. We have no way adequately to express how important your support has been to us.

Second, on December 21 the Fourth District Court of Appeals entered the following in its docket: "Given that it appears Appellant has made a good faith claim of confidentiality her motion to stay the Trial Court's judgment finding her in contempt and ordering her incarcerated is granted pending appeal."

This Court decision means that, at least until the Court of Appeals renders a judgment on the merits, Alice is not faced with going to jail if she does not testify. Her attorney will now pursue the appeal on the merits.

All peoples recognize the significance of the winter solstice: the moment -- as it happens December 21 -- when the dark and cold begin to recede, and the days begin to grow longer again as warmth returns to the earth. Some call it Christmas. Some call it Hanukkah. Some call it Kwanza or Yule. There are other names not known to us. The point is: You can't lose them all! Keep hope alive!

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