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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Slight Movement in the Larry Franklin Probe 

The FBI subpoenaed four top AIPAC officials and, for the second time this year, searched the lobbying group's headquarters. Here's the Jerusalem Post on the subpeonas:

FBI officials issued subpoenas to four senior officials at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Wednesday, requesting that they appear before a grand jury.

The subpoenas appeared to be part of an ongoing probe into whether two other staff members at the lobby may have passed secrets to Israel.

The four subpoenaed officials are Executive Director Howard Kohr, Managing Director Richard Fishman, Communications Director Renee Rothstein, and Research Director Rafi Danziger, a source familiar with the investigation told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday night.

FBI officials on Wednesday also seized computer files from the two AIPAC employees who have been the main focus of the investigation – Steve Rosen, director of foreign policy issues at the lobby, and Keith Weissman, a senior Middle East analyst.

According the Mid-East Realities the above was relegated to page A7 in The Washington Post and didn't even get a mention in The Washington Times. MER points out that the US media's apparent lack of interest in this story is notable given the story's importance and relevance to current events:

Moreover the latest AIPAC allegations -- for there have been quite a few over the years -- involve highly sensitive 'intelligence' and 'pressures' regarding Iran. And Iran just happens to be the country now the focus of American attack preparations -- the second Middle East 'Axis of Evil' country that other prominent Jewish Washington personalities pushed into George Bush's State of the Union speech a few years ago (namely Richard Perle and David Frum, both now associated with the right-wing neocon think-tank the American Enterprise Institute [AEI]).

With many allegations that key senior Jewish Israeli-connected persons in the Bush/Cheney Administration -- working in tandem with their many friends and comrades in various of the Israeli-lobby organizations -- deliberately hyped the lies and deceptions that got the U.S. to invade and occupy Iraq; and now with similar allegations with regard to Iran; you'd think the media would have learned it's lesson. But that definitely does not appear to be the case.

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