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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Good Riddance 

Apparently the man Tommy Franks called "the dumbest fucking guy on the planet" wants to spend more time with his family:

Douglas Feith, the controversial undersecretary for policy responsible for postwar planning in Iraq, announced on Wednesday that he would leave his position this summer.

Commenting on Mr Feith’s planned resignation, Donald Rumsfeld, defence secretary, said on Wednesday, “Regretfully, he has decided to depart and he will be missed...I hope he will stay until an appropriate replacement is found.”

Mr Feith and Paul Wolfowitz, the number two man at the Pentagon, are both controversial advocates of the Iraq war.

If Mr Wolfowitz resigns or moves, one candidate touted as a replacement is Stephen Cambone, undersecretary for intelligence. Mr Cambone has been instrumental in pushing Mr Rumsfeld’s goal of transforming the military.

So far Feith is the highest-ranking Pentagon official not sticking around for four more -- also, as far as I know, the only prominent neoconservative to resign. Wonder if there's more to this story? ...

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