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Friday, February 18, 2005

Dan Senor All But Calls Iraq PM Contest for Chalabi 

Remember Dan Senor? He was a sort of Ari Fleischer clone who used to do press briefings in Iraq back in the days of Bremer and the CPA. Anyway, Senor told the Jerusalem Post that Chalabi will probably be Iraq's new prime minister:

Ahmed Chalabi is likely to emerge as Iraq's leader, as originally envisioned by the US, Dan Senor, the former spokesman for the US occupation government in Iraq, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

"He has a good chance of getting the job," said Senor.

The Iraqi premiership race is now between two seasoned 58-year-old Shi'ite politicians from within the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), a Shi'ite list that won the most votes in the elections.

One is Chalabi, the secular leader of the Iraqi National Congress. The other is Ibrahim Jaafari, the religious leader of the Dawa Party.

According to Senor, Jaafari would probably have been assured of the post if Chalabi had not pushed – and succeeded – to get an internal vote of all the list members. Originally, the top leaders of the parties within the list were going to decide between themselves.

One wonders where Senor is getting his information?

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