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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Somebody Named John Dizard Got it Right, Sort Of 

In a Salon piece from December 2004 about the apparent break between Ahmed Chalabi and the neoconservatives, John Dizard wrote the following:

As the intellectual architects of an "easy" war gone bad, they stand to pay the price. The first to go may be [L. Marc] Zell's old partner Douglas Feith. Military sources say Feith will resign his Defense Department post by mid-May. His removal was reportedly a precondition imposed by Ambassador to the U.N. John Negroponte when he agreed to take over from Paul Bremer as the top U.S. official in Iraq. "Feith is on the way out," Iraqi defense minister (and Chalabi nephew) Ali Allawi says confidently, and other sources confirm it. Feith's boss, Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, may follow

Now, the mid-May being discussed above is, of course, May of 2004, but, still, it's interesting to see that someone predicted the Feith resignation, even if the prediction was off by a year.

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