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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Sudan 1 Scare 

"Sudan 1" is a red dye commonly used in shoe polish that the US ruled was unsafe for human consumption in 1918. It's carcinogenic.

There's currently a big health scare breaking on the other side of the Atlantic because some chili powder manufactured in India containing Sudan 1 found its way into a batch of Worcester sauce which was in turn used in a variety of products, leading to a major recall in Great Britain.

To gauge the size of this story take a look at a Google News search for the exact phrase "Sudan 1" -- notice that there are no stories about this scandal from major American news sources. Canada, however, is all over it because, you know, Canada imported tainted products, unlike the United States -- right? Here's the CBC:

On Wednesday, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a warning about Walkers Worcester Sauce Flavour Crisps.

Last week, CFIA warned consumers to avoid using Crosse & Blackwell Worcestershire sauce. The importer is withdrawing any bottles still on store shelves.

On Feb. 18, the British agency announced a sauce contaminated with Sudan I had been used in hundreds of foods that were exported to Canada, the United States and several countries in Europe and the Caribbean.

The British list of recalled foods included fast-food dressings, potato chip packages and prepared foods.

Authorities at the CFIA are working to determine which recalled products are in Canada and track where they are in the distribution chain.

I guess we Americans just have stronger stomachs for carcinogens with all the fast food and everything.

[thanks to reader Richard Myers for informing me about this story]

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