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Friday, May 13, 2005

Flowers in Their Minds 

In a recent New Yorker piece Jeffrey Goldberg describes an amusing exchange with Douglas Feith (the dumbest fucking guy on the planet):

When I asked, for instance, if the Administration was too enamored of the idea that Iraqis would greet American troops with flowers, he argued that some Iraqis were still too intimidated by the remnants of Saddam’s Baath Party to express their emotions openly. "But," Feith said, "they had flowers in their minds."

which is nice to hear about, given that two years later Iraqis may still have flowers in their minds, but unfortunately they have stones in their hands (from the AP):

Iraqis unleashed their fury at weeks of relentless bloodshed Thursday, throwing stones at police and U.S. forces they accused of failing to protect them at the scene of a car bomb that set buildings and vehicles ablaze in the middle of a jammed commercial district.

The unexpected protest by Baghdad residents followed a wave of Sunni-led attacks that have killed more than 420 people in the two weeks since Iraq's first democratically elected, Shiite-dominated government came to power.

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