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Thursday, June 23, 2005

On the Names of Blogs 

You know when someone says some weird phrase in some context and someone else replies, "That would be a good name for a band." and gets a laugh? -- and sometimes such an exchange leads to a conversation in which someone says "I can't believe there isn't a band named x" where x is a random phrase like "horse play" or something ... well, I think it's time for that conversation to be relegated to the dustbin of history and replaced with a much more relevant conversation about the names of blogs.

I ask you, dear readers, why isn't there a political blog named "Wild Speculation"? -- and also not that anyone asked but here's American Leftist's Top Ten Best Named Blogs on the Left Side of the Blogosphere:

10.) Informed Comment -- Juan Cole actually wrote something about the name of his blog in a recent post. I think he said that originally the name was a self-deprecatory joke poking fun at the fact that he was taking on the big pundits of the day but was completely obscure ... Maybe a boring choice but as the name of this blog indicates I'm biased towards names that accurately characterize a blog's contents.

9.) A Fistful of Euros -- Something about connotations of cowboy-ism applied to a non-American blog is pretty amusing. This blog is very moderate, I believe (I don't read it much so I'm not sure), but I still like the name.

8.) King of Zembla -- Obscure literary references are what make the world go 'round (Really. It's true ... ask any grad student...). No, No, Hodge shall not be shot.

7.) Wage Slave -- I was originally going to call the blog you are reading "Wage Slave" until I found out that name was taken ... now, it looks like the bastards aren't even posting.

6.) Suburban Guerilla -- This year's Most Deserving of Wider Recognition Koufax winner...

5.) World O'Crap -- One of the great moments in the history of political blogs was when in the context of the Gannon/Guckert brouhaha some CNN talking head was forced to say "World O'Crap" on TV. Good times, good times.

4.) Opinions You Should Have -- The Onion of the blogosphere. Tom Burka also has a nice template.

3.) Apostate Windbag -- Good name and probably the most under-appreciated leftist political blog period.

2.) Sadly, No! -- I'm not even sure I get this one ... just always thought it was a funny name.

1.) A Tiny Revolution -- From the Orwell quote "A thing is funny when it upsets the established order. Every joke is a tiny revolution." Just a perfect name.

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