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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Things That are Good and Honorable 

Tbogg points out that Time's blog of the year seems to have just defended the mass murderer Augusto Pinochet. Well, here's what Power Line wrote ... you decide:

General Pinochet, traveling with a visa for the United Kingdom and under a diplomatic passport, went to England to have surgery on his back. While recuperating in the hospital, he was arrested so that he could be put on trial on Spain for offenses allegedly committed in Chile. Human rights activists think that this was a good and honorable action on the part of the English authorities, although the extradition effort ultimately failed.

The context was a discussion of Amnesty International Executive Director Bill Schulz's call for the arrest of Bush, Rumsfeld, Feith, Gonzales, and others:

If the US government continues to shirk its responsibility, Amnesty International calls on foreign governments to uphold their obligations under international law by investigating all senior US officials involved in the torture scandal. And if those investigations support prosecution, the governments should arrest any official who enters their territory and begin legal proceedings against them. The apparent high-level architects of torture should think twice before planning their next vacation to places like Acapulco or the French Riviera because they may find themselves under arrest as Augusto Pinochet famously did in London in 1998.

Regarding the above, I'd just like to add ... What no Cheney?

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