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Friday, July 29, 2005

Richard Perle: The Movie 

Oh man ... From a piece about PBS being stolen by the right that is a couple of weeks old:

We are now faced with a CPB that will mimic Fox news with its "fair and balanced" theme.

What does that mean? We got our first hint last week. The leading advocate of the Iraqi invasion, Richard Perle, will be featured on the "new" and "balanced" PBS in a made-for-television movie produced by a good friend of Perle, Brian Lapping. Lapping said that Perle is correct that "quite a lot of the preconceptions about neocons are just wrong." And, as he explained in the New York Times, the Perle film will be "mostly a journey, through his life and experiences." It will show Perle, who called journalist Sy Hersh a "terrorist," interacting with his critics who, get this, "say he was overly optimistic about American prospects in Iraq."

[ ... ]

"He's a very gentle performer, a very persuasive performer," said producer Lapping.

Has this thing aired yet?

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