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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Hardball Guys on Things That Don't Take a Lot of Perry Mason Work 

The guys on Hardball said today that Rove is a target in the investigation and were generally treating the whole thing a little less like a sideshow than they usually do. No big shocks for anyone who reads blogs ... but it is significant that such discussions have bubbled up to the professional talking heads. Here's an excerpt: (from here)

[CHRIS] MATTHEWS: Was he [Luskin] assured by his client [Rove] that he was not the source of the leak?

[MICHAEL] ISIKOFF: He did not tell that to the Associated Press today.

MATTHEWS: Right. Let me go to John Harris.

I want to ask right now, if Mike Isikoff is following the sequence of events with accuracy in reporting, if he knows, as you seem to know, that the lawyer for Karl Rove felt he had to go back after it was public what had happened in the testimony from Matt Cooper of Time magazine, in other words, that his client was the main source for information about Valerie Plame, the wife of Joe Wilson, who worked over at the CIA, he had to come back and sort of correct his testimony, change it, modify it.

It doesn`t seem like it takes a lot of Perry Mason work here to figure that he`s the target here.

JOHN HARRIS, NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT, THE WASHINGTON POST: Well, he`s obviously a central figure. And I think we have to assume now that he is a target.

I have to say, this point is still murky to me, based on the reporting done that`s been over at The Post, whether Luskin said, hey, let me come back; my client wants to come back, or whether he made that offer back in July, and Fitzgerald says, yes, I want you to come back. In other words, who is seeking this testimony that I think could come as early as tomorrow is a critical question.

The whole thing is worth a read ... just after the above Harris speculates that Rove might be making this new appearance in order to try to "talk his way out" of an indictment ... Well, if anyone could do it ...

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