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Monday, January 23, 2006

Koufax Awards: American Leftist Listed Among Blogs Most Deserving of Wider Recognition 

Check out Wampum: American Leftist has been listed, along with nearly 300 other blogs, as one most deserving of wider recognition. Here's the criteria:

Below are just under 300 urls for blog most deserving of wider recognition. There were many more, but I do admit to utilizing a litmus test this year: Atrios, AmericaBlog and firedoglake have quite the following already. Maybe this category can be reserved for the little guys. I won't share with you the exact, very elaborate formula I used, but I'll give you a hint: In order to make the cut, you had to have fewer links than say, us! Very scientific, I know. Also, you have to have at least ostensibly written on lefty politics. If your blog is solely (pun, pun) on your favorite style of Birks, we suggest you submit your site to the Bloggies or Weblog Awards.

For the entire list, go here. Surf around and familiarize yourself them, as their readers will hopefully familiarize themselves with us. Because ultimately, that's the important thing, that we effectively utilize the Internet to communicate about life, culture and politics from a more humanistic perspective. Despite the loss of bloggers as noted by Joe recently, the list demonstrates that there is still a strong, vibrant progressive to left blogosphere.

If American Leftist has a unique place on the list at all, it is because it generally provides left, as opposed to liberal, commentary free of the constraints of American party politics. Joe is certainly worthy of the recognition, and I hope that readers have appreciated my contributions. And, remember, as Wampum admonishes, now is not the time to nominate and vote, now is the time to read and discover the richness of this discourse.

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