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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Australian Press Breaks Abu Ghraib II 

Australian media has released some of the as yet unseen Abu Ghraib photographs. The ACLU has been fighting the DoD for the publication of these photos -- and much more including video -- since last June; here and here are my old posts on the story. No word yet on the video.

The Sydney Morning Herald article doesn't reveal the source of the pictures; it phrases the declaration of the press's possession of the material in the passive voice, saying the photos "have been leaked" but not by whom. Interestingly the article includes comments by Mike Carey, the executive producer of an Australian news show airing the pictures tonight. Carey speculates that other media outlets have the material and comments on the fact that he is the first to run with them:

"I think it's strange, maybe they think its more of the same."

Yeah, it's strange all right...

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